1601 W Main St (Across from Foo Dog) / by Doctor Awkward

“you see the mural project started again?” was the text message that turned the flicker into a flame. I went on instagram and searched which artist was doing what and where. As I was scrolling, this image of a mans face forcefully caught my eye and wouldn't let go. This would end up being the first mural I would go see. I grabbed my some extra 200 speed film and headed over to 1601 W Main St. Upon arrival, I found two gentlemen with their digital camera artillery locked and loaded with intentions that mirrored mine– to capture the murals of the city.

Let's back up a few steps and get back to the mural. I turned the corner to see a tall, bearded white man with glasses, dressed in clothes covered with little splatters of paint. Onur was his name. He traveled from Switzerland to come be apart of the Richmond Mural Project. Onur greeted me with open arms and gave off this “free” vibe you would only understand if you met him. He even let me use the lift just to get a better shot of him painting (and I'm pretty sure he would let me use the lift even if I didn't have a camera). Apart from his generous and free spirit, his technique of painting the wall was minimal; he merely required a paint brush, a broom stick (he used this to extend his reach), and a liquid fertilizer sprayer to give the paint a dripping effect. 

I'm glad I received the text about this captivating mural because otherwise, I would have never had the opportunity to meet Onur the artist.

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