Sometime Last Year by Doctor Awkward

I. by Doctor Awkward

Steeped in sweat, we balanced ourselves on the thick, winding steel of the train tracks. The heat was sweltering, and it felt as if the very marrow of our bones was melting. Missteps were met with the dull crunch of gravel against rubber, and we could barely hear our own voices over the summer symphony of cicadas and mosquitos.

Words By Natasha Sligh

Too Cold For Crime by Doctor Awkward

Every step I took a crisp footprint was left in the snow as if  I was the first person to explore this path. 

Everything is a work of art, remodeled by the snow.

Mother nature and I were having an affair and I was loving every minute of it. 

Gull is God by Doctor Awkward

Michael and Maria by Doctor Awkward

  • One thing leads to another, duh 
  • Helping people is painless 
  • Sandwiches come in all types of sizes
  • You can dance when you are in love

RVA >< SAV by Doctor Awkward

  • 12 shots 1 roll
  • stalking your prey
  • lucky or skilled... ?
  • comfortably drunk
  • Eating chocolate covered blueberries
  • Forgetting to pack headphones
  • Meeting Lonnie “L” and drinking beers until the food cart closes
  • buying headphones while the train switches engines
  • Having a seat all to myself
  • Arriving an hour late to Savannah
  • More chocolate covered blueberries
  • Whiskey-coffee and a yellow bag of M&M's
  • Having to share a seat
  • Arriving home 

Mirror Me by Doctor Awkward

Small mirror project I staretd after Myelf and Foster were looking at Vimeo videos. Finidng that line of symentry while trying to take a photo is not an easy task.

Create. Network. by Doctor Awkward

Sunday January 17th, the Crenius agency began hosting their creative nights. The event was free and open to all creatives. The public was invited to come create, network, learn, teach, brainstorm, plan events, search for critique, or just come to hang out. If you walked into the homey apartment, you were able to see photographers, painters, videographers displaying videos from their blogs and music aficionados sharing their personal libraries amongst other elements. It was a very open environment. The host provided drinks, food and some artistic materials such as canvasses. The creative energy was undoubtedly contagious. The Crenius agency will be announcing their next creative networking night soon!

Words from Rosetta

Opening Scene by Doctor Awkward

It was a gloomy Saturday morning in December, the perfect weather for a funeral.

A light drizzle of rain misted from the gravel gray clouds above.

Firemen stood amongst two poorly parked firetrucks on the street corner.

This was the opening scene to my day. 

Cary Town by Doctor Awkward

Spent most of the day inside scanning film and needed to leave the house. My friend Angel stopped by and we went on a walk in Cary Town.

Vivian by Doctor Awkward

When I first started this project I wanted to capture people in their own homes. The couches they relaxed on, the kitchens they cooked in...all things that make a person more familiar, more human. The details of a home reflects the personality of its owner. And that's what I was aiming to capture. I wanted the candid intimacy of a person in their home written to film.

As with anything worth doing, this project was no easy task, and modifications had to be made. While I still firmly believe in the intimacy of the home, some subjects had to be shot elsewhere. But personality shines regardless, and each portrait shows some degree of that. 

Experience is the best teacher in life. You have to capitalize on your mistakes and understand what works for you.

Lunch Break Frames by Doctor Awkward

Now that it's dark when I get home I'm taking advantage of the sun any chance I can get. Recently was on my lunch break and had some extra time. So I decided to snap a few shots of my neighborhood.

U after Q by Doctor Awkward

This was my first time meeting Khadija and the third time I climbing on top of a train. A kangaroo cannot walk backwards. A plant will not grow if you microwave the water before pouring on the plant. 

The Lucky Psychic by Doctor Awkward

August 09, 2015, 2:59 PM: Some people find money on the ground, others win the lottery. Some people get hit by a falling rock, while some get struck by lightning. On August 9th I just so happen to be in the right place at the right time.

I sat down on the curb about to enjoy my turkey leg when I noticed something, everything was yellow! A man wearing a yellow shirt sitting on the edge of a yellow truck which was parked in front of a yellow wall. I didn’t even notice the yellow two-way traffic line in the foreground until later. is this real? I asked people walking by “DO YOU SEE THIS!?”. They all looked at me like I was crazy. Before the moment passed I pulled out my cellphone and took this picture.

No Face No Case by Doctor Awkward

During this trip to Montreal I challenged myself to take photos of people and not show their face. I Wanted to take photos of strangers in a similar style if I were to have my photo taken.

I started out shooting film and was anxious to see the shots I was taking. Sadly I left the darkroom kit state side and would have to wait to see how my film photos turned out.

no face.jpg

This No Face challenge I gave myself was something new that I've never done before. Growing your skills and knowledge through challenges all while having fun, best way to learn.