Explaining the Photo / by Doctor Awkward

told myself "you should talk about why/how you took this photo," so here I am trying to keep my word. Funny thing about this photo is I was talking to another photographer while taking it. I was explaining to him how to take a better low light photo. In my previous post, I pretty much gave you the formula that just apply it to a real life situation. 

The room was pretty dark but the stage lights provided enough light for me to use a quick shutter so i can catch motion. My shutter had to have been no faster than 125, maybe. My ISO was around 2500, and the aperture was 1.8. I didn't just go up to the stage and start shooting without a cause. I had to get the vibe of his movements; I had  to dance with my subject to know where his next steps would be. You have to find their groove. So, I anticipated where he was going to be (in the light) and also paid close attention to the backup dancers on the side. I waited for them to make cool hand gestures, then hit the button, and the color photo is what was captured. If you get the camera settings right while shooting, you don’t have to spend much time in post-production. The image looks great RAW, but I decided to slap some black and white on top and call it a classic!