Film Filter / by Doctor Awkward

Recently I went on a trip to Philadelphia and New York with two talented Photographers, Adrian Elliott and Foster K. White. Not sure what drove me to shoot film the first part of the trip but that is exactly what i did. The Polaroid's i scanned so they look funny, the other pics were straight from the film canister; no crops, no edits!

To me using film is like the final step to photography. It test your ability to capture a moment, frame a shot, and understand lighting. If i were to grade myself i would give myself a D+ just off this film roll. graded myself poorly for the fact that i was not patient at all and my framing was shit! The moment is "there" when i took the pic but the frame of the shot was complete shit to me and that is something I'm set out to improve. 

Currently i have a 35mm camera that I'm taking out with me on sunny days to improve on capturing the moment with a great frame job. With the sun going down early does not help at all but what better way to apply pressure to one self. I will say that i think I've fallen in love with film since developing this last roll. The only problem I have with film is the low light capabilities. There is nothing better than grain but when you get that LOW LOW light and a field of grain your photo looks like static shit. Anyway i did shoot digital while on this trip and ill be making a separate post about that later on in the week. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read this, your visit is greatly appreciated! Hit the tumblr for the blah blah blah. 

Oh I used the canon AE-1 which is not even mine :) borrowed it for the trip like a true loaner.