Finding Foster / by Doctor Awkward

Took a Trip to the nations capital where the fantastic Foster resides. Originally  was meeting up him to purchase a camera but had a change of heart and just ended up doing some street shooting with Him. We both had the same mindset of equipping the film camera. I went with the 35mm SLR and Foster grabbed his medium format camera. With no set goals in mind we hit the metro and started out journey to seize the streets.

All of these photos (for this blog post) were shot on my iphone, since i have to wait to get my film developed. My biggest takeaway from this trip/adventure is when shooting nothing else is going on but that. Foster brought this up on our way back home saying "When i am doing street photography I'm not listening to music nor txting. I'm dissecting my surroundings and looking for something to capture." 

I look forward to shooting with film and learning this new medium. having a limited amount of shots teaches me patience and not to go around shooting rapid fire. Also I will be shooting in black and white, which will change how I choose to compose the photo. The trip was good and really looking forward to see what comes from this film journey.