Hashtag iPhone only / by Doctor Awkward

Recently was cleaning up some space on my phone and noticed i have way too many iPhone pics. I had to delete a lot that i thought were complete shit, i kept a few but the majority are now nonexistent. Anyways i was looking through what i actually did keep and the quality is quite spectacular. in the past i printed a few 8X10's and the quality is buttahhh! Sometimes going strictly iPhone is the best way to capture the moment. Here a few of my favorites


its obvious the best way to take an iPhone pics is from mid distance and of subjects that are moving slow or not moving at all. I use the iPhone 5s which gives me little to no problems after getting to know its limits. if you are looking to get a point and shoot camera for whatever reason try using your phone to take pics and see how that works. If you enjoy it, go ahead and upgrade and get that camera. If you are getting frustrated and creating bullshit pics, save your money and by your significant other dinner.