State Bird: Flamingo / by Doctor Awkward

Took a trip to the beach with someone who i've had a friendship since i first moved to Virginia, the lovely Chelsea B. She hit me up randomly and asked if i want to go to the beach. I said yes so we met up and headed to the beach for the weekend.  

This was my first experience of being on the beach ALL DAY, let me tell you laying under an umbrella (don't need a tan) all day is quite relaxing. We got some sunscreen, drinks, and laid out the towels. had some quick conversation about life and we passed out under the sun by the water. Waking up to the sounds of waves crashing and a foot full of sand is similar to winning large sums of money and not having to pay taxes. 

I can now see why many people are attracted to the ocean and want to spend vacation time there. Its a great place to escape and and just relax your mind. I surely plan on involving myself more with the beach and bodies of water in the near future, not many things go wrong near the beach and if they do its usually a hurricane.