Test Shots & Edits in the Bodega / by Doctor Awkward

Now that i have a fake studio setup i started running some test shots on guest that came over. With the pictures I was taking, i had two goals in mind. first was to create a signature color palette to apply to the photos. Second was to get a grip on studio lighting, which i think i have a good idea of how to light a subject using one light. 

When shooting I only have two backdrop colors to choose from, black and white. When using the white backdrop it really grinds my gears because of the wrinkles you can clearly see in the photos. I'm not about to edit out the wrinkles for some test shots so ill let those live there. I have a blank white wall i can use upstairs for that blown out white wall look. Now for the black backdrop i have zero problems with. Love how the blacks just fall of the subjects and gives it more of a dramatic look. fuck that white back drop bullshit, I'm rocking with the black one going forward.  

It's only January and we have plenty of people and time to get a grip on editing and lighting. Not beating myself up too much just going to take it slow, enjoy the company of these guest, and look to improve.  

OH! also like to thank Kayla, Sav, Kiera, Dre, KZ, Lex, and anyone else that lets me take their picture.