Leftovers / by Doctor Awkward

I have been shooting mostly film as of recent, so I have not been using my digital counterparts as much. When I am shooting though I am finding myself being more and more selective on what I like and what I consider complete shit. With that being said I have a few leftover pics that made the "ok pictures" cut.  

As I am writing this I'm realizing these are the only two pictures that made the cut. This could mean two things 1. i am shooting a ton of film 2. I have no good photos to share. Believe it is a combination of both, but working to improve both of those categories. Something that will be a fun challenge would be to use a flash my film camera. Think i am going to do some research and purchase a flash tonight. Anyways, wish I had more leftovers to share but these are the only pics that made the cut. Maybe you will start seeing some of my film photos, just maybe.