Pizzile Max Julien / by Doctor Awkward

This project started all by a simple txt that read “You should follow Pizzile around”. After i read that message i said to myself “fuck, it why not?”. At the current time i had no major projects and i needed something new and a challenge. Doing this project was a shot in the dark for the fact that i never met Pizzile before, and only seen him on a few occasions. I spoke with him on twitter briefly about what my plans were with the project and we met shortly after. 

When i first met Pizzile at The Gallery, it gave me a clear idea of what i was getting into. Also showed me how easy it would be to record his actions. Reason being Pizzile was 100% authentic, no acting needed. Anyways i'd get a call from Max Julien (Pizzile), and he say "yo come through". This continued to happened over the course of 5 months. Now I present to you the preview to Pizzile Max Julien: The Gallery