My DSLR Weighs A Ton / by Doctor Awkward

Recently I've been trigger happy with my iPhone when exiting the bodega. I haven't been using my DSLR on these adventures because it weighs a ton, and don't feel like lugging that thing around my neck or shoulder. 

This is the second time leaving my house and checking to see what my neighborhood has to offer. This go around I had some company to join me, Chelsea and Jasmine.

from a "street shooter" perspective it is hard for me to take pictures of strangers with an iphone. Most of my pictures are going to be of nonliving objects for this very reason. it could also be that i just suck as an iphone photographer and need to sit my ass back down. Fuck it, right? Go out and enjoy the day and be happy. Should not matter if your photos are good or not, just go have a good time and enjoy the day.