I'm Not Even Here: Ad hoc Pleasure / by Doctor Awkward

Recently took a Photo trip to Philadelphia and New York with some talented friends, Ole Adrian "Whiskey Is My Middle Name" Elliott and Foster "Hmm K" White. The trip started off with an early trek to the train station, cameras exposed to the winter chill and ready to shoot any and everything that caught le eye. While Foster and Adrian went digital, I had something different in mind. Not knowing exactly what I was doing, I decided to shoot film first, like the blockhead I am... We advanced through the metro and shortly after arrived at the bus. We checked in our buss tickets and loaded into the bus like a PEZ dispenser  

Fast forward through the rest stop and having to pay 15$ for a bogus fuck up, which i will not speak comment on. We find ourselves on the streets of Philadelphia mid afternoon admiring the horde of bodies, the organic muck built into the subway, the kids constantly popping wheelies in the street, and the shady characters on the corner. We ended up shooting Philadelphia until the sun was tucked away behind the horizon. Great warmup drills!

We ended up back at the safe house but not before grabbing food from a random restaurant (forgot the name). Luckily Foster's cousin had some extra space to sponsor us while we were in the city. We ordered our bus tickets to NY, then took at nap before hitting the road at 7am.  

Now, New York and this entire trip for myself was more of a learning experience than an opportunity to capture images. Watching Adrain and Foster frame their subjects, to have them stand in tiny pockets of light to get the sunlight dripping that sweet amber glaze on their face.  Everyone has their own style of shooting and telling a story and I admire they way they do it. I also realized that is something that i would need to work on going forward. As with artificial light, that has been a struggle for me and is something that will take time to understand and use correctly. Taking the time to learn light will become beneficial to me, as light is always used when capturing a photo.  

This trip to PA and NY was stupid dope! Really enjoyed traveling and just wondering around with a  camera and no plan. Surely will be doing more of that in 2015. Shit, hopefully we can turn this one photo excursion into an annual trip. Had a great time and gain experienced that no class can teach.