Properly Misplaced / by Doctor Awkward

Nine times out of ten, I go walking the streets with no planned destination. I just pick a direction and follow my intuition. On this day, my intuition led me to a park tucked away somewhere in China Town.

I wandered through the park, which was filled with people gambling on card games and holding conversations in another language. Did I just walk into an outdoor casino? I didn’t understand the language, the games that were being played, or why the majority of the players were senior citizens. I couldn’t comprehend a damn thing that was going on, but I loved being in this environment! It seemed like everyone was having a good time at this outdoor casino, even the ones that were losing money.  

When walking the streets of New York, there is always something going on- be it the musicians looking for donations or the community block party happening right off the Kusciuszko stop. Its impossible to be everywhere at once, so pick a direction and let your intuition do the rest.