Gloriously Golden Strands of Entertainment: Savannah / by Doctor Awkward

Had the opportunity to capture the lovely Savannah recently. Which i might say was one of those easy shoots that takes zero effort. Savannah was one of those subjects that you really do not need to pose or guide (in my style of shooting). She flows with her poses as if her body was whispering "take my picture". Which i didn't question the demands and began to snap away. We had originally planned to have a "Cookie/Muffin & Coffee" theme shoot but mother nature just got her period and did not want anyone outside. 

For the most part I got what i wanted out of the shoot. There are a few photos that i wish i could've backed up more to capture the full frame. Cant go back in time so you just have to roll with the punches. I look at it all as a never ending learning experience. I'd like to do some cooking themed shots with her in the near future. I think an apron and a messy kitchen would look great with Savannah in it. 

as always check the Tumblr for more pics from the shoot.