Street equipment / by Doctor Awkward

Yesterday was the first day I got off  work and immediately grabbed my camera and went walking. I could blame the wonderful weather mother nature is blessing us with recently or I could just be falling in love. Either way it was a great feeling and could not let it escape me without taking advantage of it. Packed my "rented" Fuji XT-1 and my canon AE-1, filled my flask to the brim and hit the streets. There was no option but to shoot with the AE-1 first and let the natural light marinate on my film roll. Once the Moon chased the Sun out the sky I pulled out the XT-1.

Took me a few minutes to get used to the camera and all of the settings as it was my first time using the X-T1. Quickly could see the potential in the camera but could not find where to change the white balance, Fuji menus or not the greatest. Other than a frustrating menu I really liked the size and capability of the camera, still not set on purchasing one. Above images are from the XT1 and edited on the iphone.