Tests Shots With Vivian / by Doctor Awkward

Recently picked up a medium format camera to work on a simple portrait project. I grabbed the polaroid back for the camera so i can run some test shots before i shoot. I didnt think this through but the test shots really didnt help me. reason being all the polaroid film is ISO 100. So, unless my film speed is 100 the test shots are really just shots, not a test.  

It was really simple using the polaroid, the developing process was beautiful. The instructions on how to get the proper exposure is on the back of the film. I notice I had to wait twice as long to a brighter image. Also I noticed I have to use a slower shutter than what my light meter was telling me. I don't have a real light meter so i use the app on my phone, its free! 

Overall I really like the how you can get the physical photo printed out your camera and get a feel of how the photo will look. This also helps with checking if your subject is in focus or not. I don't really understand the DOF preview button so i've been guesstimating and using the testshots as a was to guess the distance. This is only the beginning and it can only get better from here. I will REALLY try to blog as I embark on this portrait project and give you something to look forward to. After all I am doing this for you.  

These images were scanned so the quality is kinda poor. Looking to invest into a scanner after I sell some loose items around the room.