The Beautiful Rhythm Of Bordem / by Doctor Awkward

How to Entertain Yourself for Thirteen Hours (While On a Train)

  1. Take some pictures! You have views of nature and the city right outside the window. If you didn’t get a window seat, you’re just out of luck. There are only so many pictures you can take of the guy who did get the window seat before it gets repetitive and creepy. Same with nature. Most trees start to look the same after, say, the first one.
  2. Mix whatever drink you have with alcohol. I chose tea and bourbon. The sugar in the tea softens the bite of the bourbon. Once you’ve done that, chug it. Trust me, there’s a lot of research that went into this. Should get you at least two hours of sleep.
  3. Maybe read a book, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  4. Come up with a five-year life plan. This’ll make you feel really productive.
  5. Get on The Internet. Fail-proof, every time.

Thirteen hours is a long time, mind you. There was some conversation between myself, Adrian, and Foster, but once I realized that my list really only covered about seven hours, I spent the rest of my spare time editing photos and watching videos on street photography. Which actually leads me to the final step:

6. Go back to step 5 and just stay there ‘til you get to wherever you’re going.