The Pleasing Poncho / by Doctor Awkward

The day was Friday and my boss let me leave early to enjoy the holiday weekend activities. The first stop of many would be the SO VA the Chill and Grill. Upon entering the function I met Jym, Claire, and some other beautiful people (i’m bad with names) hanging out at the side door entrance. Conversed for a few then escape with Jym to hunt for some sunlight to do a quick shoot. wasn’t long before the towering buildings turned into houses and the sun started to peak between the trees. 

This shoot was really quick, it took us longer to walk into the sun than to actually shoot. I think if you know what you want your shoot shouldn’t take no more than 5min (depending on the complexity). Just my opinion if shooting portraits or some other bullshit. Anyway natural light cannot be beat! find you a patch of sunlight and some beautiful people to compliment the sun rays.