Trigger Happy / by Doctor Awkward

Anyone that knows me or that's been following the blog knows i've been saying "I need to learn light". Well ladies and Gentlemen the time has come, light has been introduced to me and I'm ready to start a new chapter. Adrain Elliott who is an excellent photographer and some could even say the demi god of light, gave me the quickest tutorial on light. 

We spoke for maybe less than 5min total on using the flash and how to control it. As you can tell i got a little trigger happy once i got the settings the way i wanted them. This is only the beginning and i can't wait to actually setup some shoots and pop off this flash! 

If you are not already familiar with the Tumblr go ahead and visit for more photos. I have a flickr but i treat it like that T-shirt that hangs in your closet that you see everyday but never use.