Weird Anticipation / by Doctor Awkward

Recently went with Flexington to see a band called TOBACCO at U-street music hall. Before we went to the venue we stopped in this pretty nice sushi spot and ordered greatness, the spicy tuna was the best option on the plate. Anyways we got done eating and headed to the event. With the type of music TOBACCO plays, we thought the people in the crowd were going to be weird. Turns out they were pretty normal and now weird, was kinda hoping to walk into a opium lounge or something when i entered the event. 

The highlight of the night surely was the opening act New Fumes. The band is a one man operator who was wearing a goat mask of some sort. Of course TOBACCO killed their set, they even got an encore and came back out and played one of my favorites Lamborghini Meltdown.

I didn't have my camera on me so ill i got was iPhone pics. i took some kodak pics too but you have to wait for those.