Early 80's Gymnastics / by Doctor Awkward

I Ventured up to DC with the UTMOST squad to go to this hip-hop show at club Liv. During the ride up I did a battery and equipment check (i know i fucked up when i unzipped my bag) come to find out i had 39% on my battery, only my 20mm, and no sweat rag. i have no idea how i made it through the night with 39% and my flash batteries survived, i can only thank that fucking energizer bunny.  

The Performances by Shaboozey and Chaz French had the entire Venue feel like you were standing up in a canoe. One thing that did stand out to me was when Chaz French mic cut out and everyone was still sining his lyrics as he was working to fix the mic. I was not able to get any good performance footage or shots due to the live crowd. I'd rather have it that way than have an artist perform in front of a bunch of zombies.

I did have enough room to get off some solo/group shots of everyone else when the music wasn't playing. Of course you know I took plenty of photos, be sure to visit the Tumblr and Instagram for all the other photo spam.