Les Troupes / by Doctor Awkward

Every year myself and a few friends pick go on a photography vacation. This year we choose Montreal, Quebec Canada. Nobody from the group had been to Montreal, so this was going to be a new experience for everyone. Before I begin to speak on the adventure, let me introduce the troops.

First up we have Adrian Elliott aka The Whiskey God. Adrian is best known for his control and understanding of artificial light. I've seen him do amazing things with just a single speedlite. He has taught me more about light than I can absorb. Having Adrian on any expedition will show you that honesty is also one of his specialties. 

Next in line we have Foster White aka Foster. Foster is a well versed shooter, but his love and understanding of natural light shines the brightest. Watching Foster take a picture and then seeing the results gives you a greater appreciation of what an understanding of light can do for you. Fosters energy level is akin to the Sun, so be ready for nonstop action if you are around him.

This travel squad is packed with heavy hitting photographers. Photographers that I can call my friends. Now that you know the troops let me get back on track and tell you about this photo vacation and where it all started, the train ride.