Quest For Film / by Doctor Awkward

The mission I had set my skills on was to be an ok film photographer. clearly they are still in basic training and not ready for war. The main goal of this film mission is to become a better photographer. To be able to capture a sliver of time, freeze it and make it look good. Film makes me slow down and really digest the scenery, consider different angles, and take all the action. 

if you are wondering if the photos are edited, the answer is no. The reason some of these photos are overlapping I think is due to the camera. At first i thought it was the film but it seems every roll of film overlaps when developed. it creates a cool effect SOMETIMES, others times it takes away from photo. Believe that is why I set myself on this mission to learn and use film. The uncertainty film brings is like a mini birthday party every time. Sometimes you get great gifts unexpectedly, and other times you don't get shit.  

I am quite please with the shitty images that were shot and developed. I learned something new from each roll of film used in the process. I also tried to remember to push my comfort zone while shooting. Anyway this is the first set of film and I will be posting more photos on my tumblr if any of yous is interested.